Welcome to a place where we serve Authentic Japanese Cuisine and offer a true Traditional sushi experience.

Our Traditional Sushi do my homework essay on stress and its effects Restaurant offers wide and unique choices of fish and crustaceans with a menu that changes seasonally to provide the best and freshest ingredients.

Today we find sushi rolls everywhere; it can be purchased at any grocery store. From Dragon rolls to Godzilla rolls, the combination of ingredients and sauces are endless. So popular, that one may believe that Sushi simply means rolls.

Some may say that the trend is a mockery to the Japanese Cuisine, as the term Sushi has been stretched and used so abundantly as a marketing tool, and can no longer see the point of categorizing it as sushi.

We see things from a different perspective. We believe it is a spotlight or a dropped pin on our cultural cuisine. It is natural to see trends grow and evolve to a new genre. We are also not worried about saturation in the market making sushi bland and generic simply because, we are in an age where the more we see generalization and exaggeration; the more we give birth to connoisseurs who seek the originals, the roots and we believe that is our purpose; to satisfy the connoisseurs.

Our guests over the past few years have greatly grown with deep knowledge and understanding in the connection of food and culture, have a wide range of flavor palates, and values minimalism and simplicity. We provide them with the highest standards of quality, and discipline to tradition. Sticking to our roots of origin and preserving the Umami of each piece we serve.

Sushi is not just about presentation; it is the best way to appreciate true flavor.The act of “Umami” can only be accomplished by “minimal human additives” releasing the natural flavors within each individual ingredient, harmonizing perfectly when it touches your tongue. These characteristics cannot be accomplished by adding sauces & creams; in fact the next time you have a chance to eat a modern roll at a trending spot, try eating the fish, rice by itself. You will notice that there are no flavors, some may do my homework essay on stress and its effects even taste bad. The sauce is there for one purpose, to cloak the quality of flavor of what you are truly eating with what the sauce perceives you in believing what you are consuming.

For guests who have never dined with us before, I highly recommend dining at our Sushi Counter. The best time to eat sushi is when it is Made To Order. The moment we place the sushi on the plate, is the moment in which sushi can be truly understood.